377 Omega

Business Development

Campaign Strategy

377 Omega’s experts apply their extensive customer knowledge and experience from decades of practice in the Defense and Intelligence Communities. We embed ourselves with your team early in the process to ensure development  of a winning campaign strategy.

377 Omega is your partner, working with your team to translate your goals, objectives and strategies into actionable, customer-focused plans to win new business.  Our expert team develops market discriminators and win strategies that link directly to the campaign plan and the proposal.

Capture Management and Proposal Development

377 Omega’s senior systems engineers, program planners, and subject matter experts work with your capture managers to ensure the strategy is synchronized and consistently applied into every aspect of the campaign.   We bring years of experience in developing strategic action plans, customer management plans, outstanding oral presentations, successful event management, and every other critical tool to your effort.  Our team engages early and continues to the end; not just during the proposal.  We make sure that every opportunity is capitalized upon to improve your position – in every risk reduction effort, white paper, RFI response, design review, technical exchange meeting, or CDRL delivery.

Our team has had long careers in every aspect of proposals, from developing them to evaluating them for an award.  We understand what it takes to architect a winning proposal and help your team to ensure a clear, compliant, and compelling story through every aspect of the proposal. Our expertise spans RFP analysis, architecting the proposal, past performance, risk management, integrated management frameworks, oral presentations, RFI responses, and color team reviews.

Color Team Reviews

377 Omega consultants have participated in and led numerous proposal reviews.  We are experts at assessing compliance, evaluating against award criteria, and ensuring a consistent winning message is carried throughout a proposal.