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Strategic Planning

Industry proclamations like “10% growth, defend your core, expand into adjacent markets, deliver on your promises” are not strategies, they are expectations and goals. Our experts engage with your team to produce a strategy that goes beyond these routine statements and achieves actionable plans to affect your corporate position in the market; tilting the advantage towards achieving your success. We work with your strategic planning team to review and update your strategic plans, providing unique insights into these key strategic planning functions:

  • Market Analysis
  • Technology Opportunities/Drivers
  • Corporate Capabilities
  • Competition
  • Analysis and Recommendations (eg. M&A)

We understand what actions have the highest payoff, the current and future areas of focus, the timing, and the rationale that are critical to our market. We map your objectives to those of your customers.

We help companies adapt their organization to align with and achieve their strategic goals, bring their market into sharp focus and enable opportunities. We help create strategic growth paths and enable companies to grow. We open doors to federal government customers, recommend successful approaches to access funding, and assist in developing short and long term plans for growth with federal customers.

Our competitive assessments are based on deep domain expertise and experience from former government and industry executives. We are positioned to provide an assessment of your company strengths and weaknesses and where fits into the market. We understand where the market opportunities lie and where they are moving to. With our industry intimacy, our experts help eliminate deficiencies by building effective partnerships, acquiring assets, or developing indigenous capability.

Our team conducts several aspects that are essential to mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence and market qualification. We help our clients identify and assess M&A candidates to help them build their businesses more quickly.