377 Omega

Program Management Support

Our team has extensive experience leading the gamut of program management functions, from R&D and technology demonstrations, through major system development, acquisition, and operations. We specialize on developing a comprehensive approach to today’s challenges, ensuring each phase of the acquisition process logically ties together to build broad based support; from Capitol Hill oversight staffs and industry. 377 Omega works with our clients to build comprehensive program plans from the start so that appropriate attention and resources are focused to eliminate surprises and manage potential issues.  Our services begin at a source selection to include, cost analysis, development of the IMP, IMS, WBS, and SOW, and program control.  We have experience managing program transitions, including transition planning, program start-up through operations, and conducting major reviews.  We help our clients apply knowledge and experience in program process improvements that have been learned over decades of success, including award/incentive fee structures, subcontract management, and other processes that are tried and true.  Most of our staff are engineers and have decades of experience with technical/engineering services, from decision support analysis to systems engineering and integration.  And finally, we have an extraordinary depth of talent and experience in operations to apply to today’s problems.

Our team is ready to help the government and industry continue its long history of success.